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Procedure ​
The statistics of the Health Interview Survey (HIS) are classified in 6 main chapters (see left column); each of these chapters are subdivided in modules. Clicking on a module will connect you with the page for interactive analysing the data of that module.
It is important to select the parameters in this order, because there is a link between indicator and year; indicator and gender; indicator and age; geographical level and background variable:
    1. Indicator
    2. Year
    3. Geographical level
    4. Maximum two background parameters (gender, age (group), education level, income level, household composition, urbanisation level, province or region)
The complete list of selection possibilities for each parameter will appear when pushing on the arrow displayed in the parameter's window. Select from this list the desired item. Upon indicating your choice, a submenu might appear to narrow down your search. Please follow the same selection procedure as above until no new menu appears.