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Markup Style 1 - H1

Markup Style  2 - H2

Markup Style  3 - H3

Markup Style  4 - H4

Normal text

Arial 16px normal text (you can also select text and choose the Markup Style "Paragraph" to apply this font style

Color codes

Average green: #69aa41           (r=105 v=170 b=65)   (Titles, Hyperlinks, Breadcrumbs)

Light green:      #becd2d            (r=190 v=205 b=45)   (Accent color - border bottoms, backgrounds)

Dark green:      #376437            (r=55 v=100 b=55)    (Hyperlink color if background is light green and vice versa)

Grey:                #58595b            (r=88 v=89 b=91)     (Text, Body)
                         #555                  (r=85 v=85 b=85)     (Text, Body alternative -> darker)​


  • unordered, bulleted list
  • unordered, bulleted list
  • unordered, bulleted list

  1. ​ ordered, numbered list
  2.  ordered, numbered list
  3.  ordered, numbered list
  4.  ordered, numbered list
  5.  ordered, numbered list
  6.  ordered, numbered list
  7.  ordered, numbered list
  8.  ordered, numbered list
  9.  ordered, numbered list
  10.  ordered, numbered list